Windley Ely Legal Services Professional Corporation's team features Canada’s top lawyers and paralegals with decades of experience in workers’ compensation law, policy and procedures, oral advocacy and litigation experience before Canadian courts and tribunals.

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Windley Ely can determine quickly and cheaply the viability of participating in an appeal and the financial risk involved in losing such a case.

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Unlike our competitors, we provide a full risk/return view on participating in an appeal, focusing not only on the likelihood of winning/losing but also the financial risk involved in the claim.

We have significant experience in unionized environments and can provide you with the necessary tools to make informed business decisions. We focus on working amicably with all parties involved in order to best obtain our clients goals.

Windley Ely handles more appeals cases than any company in Canada.

We have experience across the country and understand the rules and regulations within each province and territory.

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WE provides insight and expertise in complex claims issues resulting from their breadth of experience for various industries within the system. They understand the legislation and apply intelligent strategy that ensures significant results.

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