Account Management

Windley Ely employs several Workers’ Compensation Account experts with experience across every provincial and territorial board. We have successfully saved our clients millions of dollars through optimizing account structure and industry classifications.

Account Management

For many of our clients we manage all of their Workers’ Compensation accounts, combined with our Total Claims Management Program (TCMP) to provide an end-to-end Workers’ Compensation solution.

WE can handle any Workers’ Compensation account issue and ensure optimal account structure for your organization. Contact Us Today

We have a deep understanding of all elements of industry classification, experience rating and premium calculations and ensure our client’s premiums are as low as possible.

We have handled employer audits in every province and can ensure a smooth process and favourable outcomes.

Windley Ely allows companies to focus on their core business and improve their claims management performance.

Do you have any ongoing Workers’ Compensation account issues or unsure if your accounts are structured optimally?

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WE provides insight and expertise in complex claims issues resulting from their breadth of experience for various industries within the system. They understand the legislation and apply intelligent strategy that ensures significant results.

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