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If you have received notice of a WSIB or provincial workers’ compensation audit, give us a call to discuss your compliance risk and the support we can provide you when dealing with the respective Boards.

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Windley Ely provides hourly consulting services to handle unique complex claims and/or individual issues with your provincial workers’ compensation Board.

Give us a call for a no-charge consultation to gauge the value our consulting services can have for your workers’ compensation needs. Contact Us Today

An occupational injury in Canada can cost an employer hundreds of thousands of dollars if the proper return to work process and claims management systems are not in place..

Windley Ely can determine at no cost the viability of enlisting our experts to handle your complex claims or workers’ compensation issues.

Ensure that your workers’ compensation expenses do not spiral out of control with our specialized consulting and audit services.

We have handled audits and complex claims management for hundreds of companies across Canada. We have expertise in every province, not just in their approach to claims management but also in the structure of their experience rating systems. This allows us to understand the financial impact of each claim and allows you to make informed business decisions.

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WE helped formulate a business case to show that injury claims costs can be controlled and convincing our corporate leadership that it is possible to quantify the effectiveness of a H&S policy.


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