Short Term Disability

When the unexpected happens and an employee is unable to work due to an injury or extended illness, they need the support of their employer and may need to access their Short Term Disability (STD) benefit plan.

Short Term Disability

Windley Ely partners with you to administer your corporate STD plan, maintain medical privacy and confidentiality, and provide guidance and support to both your internal stakeholders and the absent employee throughout the process.

At Windley Ely our team of professionals will assess the medical evidence and review job demands in order to provide validation of medical absences, direction on the anticipated duration of the absence, and guidance regarding opportunities for early and safe return to work.

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Some of the benefits of partnering with Windley Ely for the administration of your STD benefit plan include:

  • Reduced financial impact of workplace absences
  • Consistent assessment and support for every absence
  • Reduction in disruption in services / business
  • Improved and streamlined processes
  • Assessment with current evidence based best practices
  • Decreased duration of absences / claims
  • Simplified and centralized access to information
  • Online 24/7 access to claim information
  • Ongoing communication and support for the employee and employer throughout the duration of the absence

With our best in class technology, Windley Ely can provide insight into:

  • Frequency and duration of absences / claims
  • Demographic and workplace trends
  • Absences by division, location, and other variables relevant to your organization
  • Claims experience year over year to identify any seasonal trends
  • Areas of injury / illness to identify possible areas for internal health and safety initiatives
  • The financial impact absence has on your business

We will design a customized return to work plan for each employee based on their medical condition and capabilities in coordination with you, the employer, to ensure a successful early and safe return to work. The objective is to make sure that employees who have the ability to be productive in some capacity are at work through modified duties or hours for a short period of time prior to returning to their pre-disability duties and schedule.

In those instances where an employee has a severe or progressive condition, which prevents them from returning to work prior to the end of the STD period, Windley Ely provides assistance in transitioning the file to the Long Term Disability (LTD) provider, effectively minimizing any delays in benefit payments, while providing support to the employee and the HR team during the transition.

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