Attendance Management

Let the experts at Windley Ely help you establish comprehensive absence policies, as well as identify and reduce patterns of absenteeism across your organization.

As an employer, your profitability is tied to your employees being healthy, present and productive on the job.

High levels of absenteeism can potentially have a severe impact on any organization including lost productivity, poorer quality of product or service, decreased customer satisfaction, and a negative effect on the performance and morale of other employees.

Identifying attendance problems begins with monitoring the attendance of all employees consistently. Windley Ely is able to partner with you and administer your Attendance Management Program from end to end

From monitoring employee attendance via data feed and alerting you to a potential issue, to providing you with recommendations regarding the expected frequency and duration of validated absences, as well as identifying any possible trends (seasonal etc.) to help your business leaders manage internally when a medical condition is present.

Attendance Management

If you do not have an Attendance Management Program in place, the team at Windley Ely is able to help.

We can help you implement a program that promotes regular and consistent attendance at work, supports and encourages employee well-being, provides guidelines for a consistent and fair process, and provides a framework for responding to excessive or patterned absenteeism.

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