Comprehensive Claims Management

A robust claims management service that’s ideal for companies looking for a turnkey disability management service. It provides direct access to our SMEs, advanced reporting and financial analysis and the ability to integrate additional service modules — the perfect solution for controlling and containing the expenses associated with your company’s Workers’ Compensation claims.

Workers’ Comp Claims Management Simplified

Managing internal claims can be a daunting and time-consuming task, full of complexities, with no room for error. Navigating through the intricacies of WCB legislation, policies, and procedures, understanding their application to each claim, and comprehending the potential impact on costs require considerable expertise.

The crux of successful claims management lies in active engagement with a claim right from its inception, preferably starting from the exact date of the incident. Making informed claim decisions and effectively processing claims from start to finish are crucial for maintaining control over expenses.

Windley Ely’s Total Claims Management wraps decades of expertise into a turnkey service that can be fully customized to your organizational needs. WE’s program gives you national coverage, access to subject matter experts, and seamless management all occupational workers’ compensation claims.

A History of Measurable Results

We’ve helped companies of all sizes, across a multitude of industries, unlock measurable cost savings.

Claim denial rate
(CAN avg = 16%)

Achieve up to 10x ROI on your claims management investment

years as Canada’s leading
provider of disability
management services

workers under
our management

appeal wins
annually that
exceed $100K

in annual rebates and
premium discounts
secured for WE clients

Why Partner with Windley Ely for Your Workers’ Comp Claims?

By entrusting Windley Ely with your claims management, you gain the advantage of redirecting your focus to other vital aspects of your company’s operations. In essence, by allowing us to handle our business, you create a seamless environment for you to excel in yours. Rest assured that our expertise and experience will not only save you time but also enable you to effectively allocate your resources where they are needed most.

With over 200 years of Canadian Workers’ Compensation experience among our leadership team, we’ve perfected the underlying processes for optimum efficiency in order to ensure maximum cost savings for our clients. We create value by taking a proactive approach to disability claims management and employee health & safety initiatives by providing exceptional customer service backed by our proven processes and SMEs.

Windley Ely has been Canada’s leading disability management service provider for occupational disability claims since 1998.
Thanks to our national coverage, experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) across multiple departments, proven processes, and success in a multitude of industries — we can help you unlock significant savings while promoting employee well-being and safe return to work strategies.

Minimize Your Costs

Workers’ compensation claims can impact not just employee well-being, but the financial health of your business. That’s why our service focuses on streamlining and optimizing all processes related to workers’ compensation. It’s also why we charge a flat, per-claim service fee with no overages or hidden costs, and fixed pricing for additional services.

We minimize lost time (LT), monitor return to work (RTW), ensure only legitimate claims are accepted, and provide successful appeals representation to generate a significant ROI on our services.

Fully Understand Your Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our intuitive, proprietary platform gives you a holistic view of the entire claims process alongside extensive analytics. Built for simplicity, our software provides a holistic view of the entire claims management process through an intuitive dashboard and advanced analytics.

Combined with detailed assessments by subject matter experts, the insights you gain will allow you to make more informed decisions. More importantly, you’ll have access to data-driven insights that help you better understand the “why” behind every claim.

Deep Expertise, National Reach

Windley Ely has a rich history of long-term relationships, working closely with provincial boards across the country. Our experience consulting on more claims than any other third-party provider in Canada means we have developed a time-tested process that focuses on creating return to work strategies that prioritize the wellbeing of your best people. We’ve built a long history of success across a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, oil and gas, and other heavy industries.

Transparent, Turnkey Service

Our simplified pricing model scales to your exact needs. We keep you informed from start to finish with a turnkey, responsive service that’s focused on exceptional customer service, fast turnaround times, and your outcomes.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

We prioritize your privacy and security through all stages of the disability claims management process. Windley Ely is governed by the Law Society of Ontario. Our platform is SOC 2 compliant and uses extensive cybersecurity measures to protect your data.

What’s Included?

  • Access to experienced Claims Specialists
  • Access to WE’s 130+ SMEs, financial analysis, and legal teams
  • Unlimited access to senior-level claims experts
  • National claim submissions to appropriate provincial board
  • Initial claim objections for qualifying claims
  • Best-in-class injury reporting and analysis to reduce your WCB premiums
  • Legal consultation for appeals
  • Fully customizable WE Claims platform
  • Regular review of WCB accounts, costs, and premiums
  • Financial analysis and projections
  • Return to Work (RTW) Program Design
  • Account Setup & Management
  • Audit Support
  • Experience Rating & Claim Cost Analysis
  • Historical Claim Reviews
  • Industry-Specific Guidance